HYC Frostbite Season
Winter Rules

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Guest participants shall be assigned a “Guest Participant Card” with a number called a "GP" number by the Frostbite Program Chairman. The Guest Participant must sign his or her name and note the “GP” number when making a purchase at the Club. He or she will be able to purchase at the bar and restaurant using a credit card only. The “Guest Participant Card” is good for one year, i.e. one winter season and may be renewed annually by following the procedures outlined above. A Guest Participant has Club privileges only on racing days and at times of Frostbite Program or Fleet meetings. This includes use of the Clubhouse and waterfront facilities including the bar and restaurant.

The Frostbite Sailing Activities Chairman shall have the authority to immediately revoke a Guest Participants card and their Club privileges for good cause, including but not limited to, failure to adhere to Club, Program or Fleet rules, nonpayment of any monies owed the Club and improper conduct.



1. Appropriate attire is required in the Clubhouse at all times. Persons under seventeen years of age are not permitted in the Clubhouse at any time unless accompanied by a member, except in the basement area. Persons under 21 years of age may not be served alcoholic beverages. No minors, under seventeen, may be allowed in the bar area at any time. Food may be brought into the Clubhouse only when the kitchen is closed and members must police their own area. All Clubhouse rules apply to deck.

2. Nothing may be posted or circulated on Club property without permission of the House Committee. Such permission may be obtained through the office and will be so indicated upon the item in question.

3. The Club property shall not be used for commercial or business purposes at any time. All Club property shall be under the direct supervision of the House Committee and is in the care of its designated representative with whom arrangements should be made by members wishing to use such property, including Club skiff, tools, etc. Members will be responsible for the prompt return of Club property in good condition. For safety's sake, members are forbidden to operate the machinery and power tools in the work shop. Any boat work involving the use of these machines must be done by the Shore Station work crew by arrangement with the House Committee. Operation of the Club's mobile crane is restricted to authorized Club personnel only.

4. Parking of private passenger vehicles (no commercial looking vehicles permitted) in the parking lot in front of the clubhouse (“front lot”) is restricted to members’ private passenger vehicles displaying a current Club parking emblem. Only one member owned vehicle may be parked in this lot at any time. All other vehicles, guests, crew, employees, workers, etc. must be parked in one of the remaining parking lot. A daily parking pass for the use of the “front lot” may be obtained in the office for workers vehicles to facilitate their work on member’s boats or club property. Any member’s vehicle parked in a “No Parking Area”, or not displaying the appropriate parking emblem or a parking pass issued for the day while parked in the “front lot” will be fined $25.00 on their monthly statement. Members will be responsible for the parking violations of their guests and crew members. A $25.00 fine will be billed to the member for each offense. The current parking emblem should be displayed on the rear left (driver’s side) window.

5. No newspapers, books, magazines or other property of the Club shall be removed from the Club premises.

6. Clubhouse hours are as posted and will be adhered to except by special permission of the House Committee.

7. Requests for all locker reservations must be in writing to the office manager.

8. Personal property of the club members must be kept in the lockers or designated area. All personal property, dinghies, day sailors, trailers, sunfish, tenders, etc. must have a Huguenot Yacht Club numbered sticker affixed to them. Please identify your property to the office and receive your assigned stickers. The Club will not be responsible for loss of or damage to, personal property left by members or their guests in lockers or elsewhere about the Club premises. All of the aforementioned will be charged the applicable fee.

10. No former member who did not resign in good standing may be introduced as a guest. Following a divorce or separation, the member or successor member alone shall be entitled to the use of the Club facilities. The non-member former spouse shall not be introduced as a guest.

11. Members are requested to notify the House Committee in writing of any violation of House Rules.

12. During the raising and lowering of the colors all persons on Club property (except those indoors who are to observe silence) are to stand at attention facing the flags; all males to bare their heads and give a civilian salute.

13. All trade persons contracted for by members must have proper insurance and be prepared to show proof upon request. Trade persons regularly working on Club premises may leave a certificate of insurance on file with the Office Manager.

14. Members are requested to respect the privacy of other members or groups using the premises for scheduled affairs.

15. Children under the age of 17 are not allowed in the quarter-deck area unless accompanied by an adult.

16. Additional rules, if necessary, will be posted on the Club bulletin board and shall have the same force as if incorporated herein.

17. No smoking on the porch or in front of the club house while dining hours are in effect

18. No hats to be worn by men inside the clubhouse.

Registration Documents
This document must be signed by each individual participating in the Frostbite Activities and on file in the HYC Office.
The Huguenot Yacht Frostbite Season Winter Rules

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