From Notice of Race:


A. Standard, Radials and 4.7 Rigs will be scored separately.

B. Daily Results

Daily Results will be presented using RRS Appendix A4 - the Low Point System, with no scores excluded.

C. Daily Scoring

For purposes of determining Series and Season Championships

i. Races will be scored based on the high point scoring system. The winner of a race will receive points equal to the total number of competitors who earned a sailed day. Second place receives one less and so on. The winner of the day will have the greatest number of points without exclusion. This changes A2. 

ii. Boats scored DSQ, RET, DNS, OCS and DNF will receive zero points for that race.

iii. If a boat is kept ashore at the direction of the race committee or if skipper determines while at HYC that conditions are not appropriate for racing as per the definitions of a Sailed Day and Qualifying Days, the number boats not racing will be added to the scoring as if they had sailed that day. 

iv. A boat that does not come to the starting area on a given day will not be scored. This changes rule A9. A boat that comes to the starting area will receive a sailed day unless electing 11.C.iii option or otherwise notifying the race committee prior to the start of the first race of the day that the boat does not intend to participate that day. 

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